On this page I will demonstrate some useful tutorials that you can use. Read this page if you want to have a custom rom for your device (If it ain’t GT-S5360). I will ask you for some files and it is mostly obvious that you may not know how to. And I got tired of posting the tutorial on my previous blog. So here is one –

Taking Out Boot.img and System folder from phone…
Read this if you want to take out these necessary files from your phones.
Before you take them out, you must know what they do or what they are.

  •  Boot.img and System folder combined make up the Stock ROM of a phone. They should be kept in a folder.
  • These files are the very basics. This is where I started making ROM before and still.
  • Boot.img carries all the information about the phone. For example, the name of the device, whether it is rooted or not, or whether it has Apps2SD enabled or not.

You may also want to know why I require them.

  • I require them to build a ROM!!!
  • Everything -from boot animation to lockscreen- is in these things.
  • I can add BusyBox, Apps2SD, SuperUser (Root).

Now here is how to take them out –

  • First, your device must be rooted.
  • Download & install Root Explorer v2.5.1
  • Download & install Terminal Emulator (Available for free on play store)
  • Open Root Explorer and find a folder named “System”.
  • Copy this folder and browse to “mnt/sdcard” (Without quotes)
  • Paste it in this (Can also paste directly into sdcard but mnt/ is universal).
  • Now you have the “system” folder in your sd card.
  • Close Root Explorer and open Terminal Emulator.
  • Write in this code exactly like this –
    dd if=/dev/block/bml7 of=/sdcard/boot.img
  • Now you will have the “boot.img” of your phone in your SD Card.
  • Connect phone to PC and make a folder on your desktop.
  • Copy these to files (boot.img and system folder) and paste them in that folder.
  • Make a zip of these two files and paste below with the name of your device. I will try to make a ROM for your Device.

Remember, I will update this post as soon as I have the Stock ROM of any phone.
The phone zip files I have –

  • Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360
  • Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102

Waiting for more. 😉


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